Enjoying the Journey 

A Podcast with Rob Roozeboom

RISE Ministries founder Rob Roozeboom was diagnosed with a debilitating degenerative disease (severe muscular dystrophy) at age 5, but, through Christ, his family, and a lot of perseverance, he has learned to "enjoy the journey," and see God at work through whatever life throws his way.

On Enjoying the Journey Podcast, Rob interviews authors, musicians, athletes, local pastors/leaders, and others to share their real-life stories of overcoming adversity through Jesus. These true and touching stories uplift and inspire listeners wherever they tune in around the world.

Some of our guests have included: Darren Mulligan from We Are Messengers, Liz Forkin Bohannon, Cade Thompson, Jennifer Dukes Lee, Wendy Palau, Adrie Groeneweg, Nick Hall, Pastor Adam Weber, Paul Ten Haken, Tim Byrne, Pastor Jeff Moes, Grey Stier, Brian Sumner, Shaila Visser, Shane Pruitt, Jon Gordon, Ebony Small, Ben Fuller, Megan Fate Marshman, Nancy Lindgren, Lydia Miller, and many more!