RiseFest Tickets

RF20 Xmas Special

Christmas Special | Get 2 Long Sleeve T-Shirts when you buy 5 tickets for $35 each!

From now until Christmas Eve, get two RiseFest long sleeve t-shirts when you buy 5 tickets for $35 each. RiseFest 2020 featuring performances by Newsboys United, Jeremy Camp, Big Daddy Weave, Unspoken and more. June 19 and 20, 2020.



So many people want to attend, and so many aren't able to attend RiseFest. Think of that family, that friend, that co-worker, or even that person who helped you at the store today. Who would you like to see at RiseFest, but most likely will not be purchasing a ticket for themselves?

Consider being a part of our  ONE MORE INITIATIVE  this year so  that person that needs to be at RiseFest,  can be.  Even if you have a ticket, consider being a part of the  ONE MORE INITIATIVE  this year and buy someone else a ticket.

Here's how it works! When you are purchasing your ticket, simply add one more ticket to your order. (If ordering one more ticket bumps your order to over 10 tickets, you can take advantage of the current group special.) During check out, there will be a box at the bottom of your order that will ask if you participated in the ONE MORE INITIATIVE. Check yes, and then let us know how many you purchased to give away!

Store Ticket Locations

Tickets will be available in the following locations beginning Spring 2020. 

Touch of Hope *will not accept credit cards for ticket orders
913 3rd Avenue
Sheldon, IA 51201-1548
Ph: (712) 324-4297
Store sales end June 20