Meet The Ambassadors

The next RISE Ambassador we'd like you to meet is Bizzy! Here is what she has to say about TOGETHER 2016:

"Ever since I first learned about the Reset Movement in 2014, I've been super interested in the gathering on the National Mall in DC. Since I personally had a Reset in my relationship with Christ because of my experiences on a Rise on the Road trip, I want other people to experience that also. The people of our generation are passionate and caring and I think that it's important that they stand for something. At TOGETHER 2016, we have the opportunity to gather with a million other believers and stand for Jesus. We have this chance to make history and I'm beyond excited to be part of that. I also think it's really great RISE Ministries is willing to work with groups and invididuals to be part of this. I know for a fact that this trip is going to be amazing and life-changing. I can't wait to see you there!"

- RISE Ambassador Bizzy Feekes