"Friday Freebies"!

Starting this Friday, we are so excited at the chance to give away tickets to RiseFest 2021! We want to give our friends and festival-goers the opportunity to attend the festival, FREE OF CHARGE! From now until Friday, February 26th, we will be giving away two tickets to RiseFest 2021 every Friday!

Entering the ticket giveaways is extremely easy, and can be done from your phone or computer, through your favorite social media channels! Follow us on Facebook and/or Instagram to be notified when the contest begins each week, and then follow the instructions in the post! For example, this week, we asked our followers to like and share the post, and add a comment including how many times they had been to the festival, and who they attended with (we love it when you tag people as well!)! We can't wait to keep giving away tickets these next six weeks, and anyone can win! We encourage you to use the tickets yourselves, or, if you'd like (or already have tickets), pay-it-forward by giving your tickets prize to someone who would really appreciate them, but might need some help buying them! We want to see as many people as possible at RiseFest 2021, and this is a great way to kick things off this year!