Stories of Strength: Holles Family

This week, we were so blessed to be able to share the story of Steve Holles and the Holles family in the newest edition of our "Stories of Strength" video series. These videos have been so powerful to both make and watch, and we are so proud of the people who have been willing to tell their stories about overcoming adversity and faith through struggle. In a world that sometimes seems dominated by social media personalities, posting only the most "perfect" parts of their day, it's encouraging and so relatable to be able to see the real and inspiring stories that are happening right around us. It is also true that many of us feel unnoticed at times in our lives, or that we are alone in our struggles. We hope that these videos remind you that you are seen, loved, and so appreciated by not only the community around you, but by Jesus Christ, who loves you without end. It's easy to be faithful and thankful when prayers are answered, and things are going your way, but harder when God uses your adversity to speak to others. The way that we handle the adversity in our lives may be what brings someone else closer to Christ, which is why we love telling the stories who turn hardship on its head, and embrace it for the role it could play in encouraging others in their own journeys!

In this video, the Holles family was willing to speak with us about Steve's difficult struggle with cancer, from an initial diagnosis and battle, to finding out it had returned worse. Through it all, their faith has remained strong, and they have continued to remind others of the comfort we have in Jesus!