"Enjoying the Journey" Episode 13: Bob Lenz

This second season of the podcast has started off with a bang, and two incredible interviews! Today we were so honored that Bob Lenz was willing to be extremely open and honest with us, and share about his faith and story. Since founding Life Promotions in 1982, Bob has spoken to youth in all 50 states and across the globe. He is infinitely passionate about sharing the love of Jesus, which gives teens hope for this life and the next. Whether he is partnering with local churches or touring with national recording artists, he is committed to sharing a respectful and relevant message to the next generation. It was so amazing to talk to Bob about how he has stayed strong in his faith through tremendous amounts of adversity in his life, about how much we all matter and are loved and valued as individuals, and about ways we can all find a little more joy in our daily lives. Thanks so much for listening, we love you!