"Enjoying the Journey" Episode 15: Tim Byrne

On episode 15 of "Enjoying the Journey", we had such an amazing time catching up with professional skateboarder and friend of RISE Ministries, Tim Byrne! Tim is an Urban Missionary/ Pastor and Itinerant Evangelist under the leadership of the original Skatechurch in Portland, Oregon. As a Pro Skateboarder since the early 2000's, Tim has used his skating to reach hundreds of thousands with the Gospel. His mission is one that speaks to us so much: sharing the good news of Jesus, and discipling those that are often overlooked in our culture. Tim does this each week through his role at Skatechurch, and by partnering with numerous ministries all over the globe. It was so amazing not only for Rob and Tim to recall their time traveling together, but to learn more about Tim's passion and outreach in the Portland area. Tim explains what "Skatechurch" is and its role in the community, what it's like to preach the gospel in tough neighborhoods that are often overlooked, and explains how he reaches out to a population that often feels excluded by the church. We hope you enjoy today's episode, and are so glad you are here!!!