"Enjoying the Journey" Episode 18: Carson King

Today we were so excited to be joined by Carson King for episode 18 of the podcast! Carson is the founder of the “Carson King Foundation”, and the Iowa State student who raised $3 million for the University of Iowa’s Stead Family Children’s Hospital! Carson went viral on all kinds of social media platforms after his sign (“Busch Light Supply Needs Replenished, Venmo: Carson-King-25”)was seen all over TV when he held it up during ESPN’s College GameDay coverage of an Iowa State University football game. After the first few hundred dollars worth of contributions came through, Carson decided to donate the total amount to the children’s hospital after setting aside $18.00 to purchase one case of Busch Light. Word spread of Carson's intentions, and the story gained the attention of Annheuser Busch and Venmo, who committed to matching King's donation. Contributions continued to pour in, eventually climbing to over $3 Million from more than 35,000 donors. That event sparked a passion for charitable work in Carson’s life, and he is now the head of the “Carson King Foundation”. Listen in to hear him talk to Rob about his rise to stardom, the purpose and goals of the “Carson King Foundation”, about the fun ways that people can support Iowans in need, and even about the crazy power that social media has in today's world! Thank you so much for tuning in!!<