"Enjoying the Journey" Episode 19: Greg Stier

On Episode 19 of the podcast, we are so blessed and excited to be joined by founder of Dare 2 Share Ministries, Greg Stier! After growing up in a violent family in the inner-city of Denver, Colorado, Greg saw those same family members transformed by the power of the gospel, which inspired him to pursue a life of spreading the gospel himself! Greg founded Dare 2 Share in 1991 to train teens to share their faith, and, in 1999, decided to pursue Dare 2 Share full time. He has been speaking, writing books, training, and teaching about youth ministry and evangelism ever since! We are HUGE fans of Dare 2 Share, which exists to see the gospel advanced and makes disciples of today’s youth. They equip youth leaders to build Gospel Advancing Ministries, providing training for youth pastors, curriculums for youth groups, and platforms for youth to start conversations with others and start hosting their own events! It was amazing to talk to Greg about his upbringing in the inner city of Denver, the moments that inspired him to take up ministry full-time, and to hear about the amazing passion he has for speaking to youth and youth leaders around the country. If you are a youth pastor, student, or a person wanting to learn more about becoming an active disciple, Greg is the guy to listen to, and we are so excited to share this episode with you!!!!