"Enjoying the Journey Episode 20: Blake Stanley

On episode 20 of Enjoying the Journey (20 episodes!!!) we are SO excited to sit down with founder of “BLDR Faith” apparel, Blake Stanley! After growing up being taught about using his gifts and talents to glorify God, Blake decided to use his creativity and entrepreneurial spirit to spread the gospel of Jesus, and created “BLDR Faith” in 2017! BLDR’s mission is to spread the message that Christ came to earth, lived a perfect life of servanthood, died so that we may live, and was raised from the dead showing that He alone can conquer sin and death and is worthy of our praise. Blake’s hope is that by wearing BLDR apparel, you will be able start many conversations, leading you to boldly share the hope, love, salvation, and message of Christ. BLDR is an acronym for “Birth Life Death Resurrection” and is pronounced  "BOLDER." Because of the birth, life, death, and resurrection of Jesus, we are offered the free gift of salvation and can receive the Holy spirit. Therefore we may share our faith with boldness. BLDR is a source for Gospel proclamation tools, so if you are looking for a simple way to share the Gospel, and doors for Christ centered conversations to be opened, check them out! Listen in, we’re so glad you’re here!!!

Listen here.