Enjoying the Journey Episode 21: Brian Sumner

On episode 21 of the podcast, we are so excited to share our awesome conversation with pro skateboarder, Brian Sumner! Brian is an Evangelist/Pastor/Speaker, Host of The Foolishness Podcast and Author of the “Never Fails” Marriage Book, and came to faith in 2004 at the height of his professional skateboard career. Born in Liverpool England, Brian transplanted to America at age 15 to become part of Tony Hawk’s Birdhouse Skateboards, building a successful (over a decade!) career riding for some of the biggest skate companies in the world, reaching international acclaim. His marriage is one of the most amazing parts of his faith story. In 1999, Brian was married, and soon expecting a child with his with, Tracy. Within just a few years of marriage, without either of them having faith, they were soon fighting, struggling, and divorced, leaving Brian angry, depressed and even suicidal. A year of separation led Brian in search for truth, ultimately to prove there was no God, with the goal of proving life had no purpose. As Brian challenged the different faiths, asking tough questions and digging into Gods Word, he had a life changing experience leading to his coming to faith in Jesus Christ. Listen in to hear Brian talk to Rob about finding God, and the amazing journey that has included re-marrying Tracy! We are so excited you’re here!

Listen here.