Enjoying the Journey Episode 28: Tom Miyashiro

On Episode 28 of Enjoying the Journey, we are honored to joined by our new friend and Chief Evangelism Officer of Faith 2 Faith Ministries, Tom Miyashiro! F2F Ministries is committed to reaching young people for Christ by understanding youth culture and operating within its context, presenting Christ in a language teenagers can understand, making Jesus relevant to their world, using innovative approaches to gain their attention, and connecting church community across denominational lines to proclaim Christ as one. Tom explained to us that New England is one of the least reached places in the nation when it comes to evangelism, and it was so interesting to hear about his "small town ministry" approach to mobilizing youth for Christ! We absolutely LOVED hearing Tom speak honestly about the challenges of working with the communities he does (I think we can ALL see difficult traits in our own communities??), and how he wants to create change in churches that often reject it! We also had an incredibly emotional conversation with Tom about the death of his first wife, and the role/evolution of his faith through that experience. Truly, we are so excited for this episode, and are so glad you're with us!!!

Listen here.