Enjoying the Journey Episode 35: Ben Fuller

Welcome back friends!!! And welcome back, "Enjoying the Journey"! We are SO excited to be back with another episode, and to be starting a new season of the podcast! We can't wait to share more interviews and stories, make new friends, and continue to encourage one another in our daily lives, and walks with Christ! Today's episode is with an amazing new friend of ours, Ben Fuller. Ben is an amazing musician and musical artist that we have become such huge fans of, along with his story and testimony. Early in his life, Ben began to struggle with substance abuse, which led to finding himself in a drug-fueled relationship, and even losing his closest friend to a heroin overdose. Motivated to change, he moved to Nashville to pursue a career as a country singer in late 2018. He was invited to church one Sunday, and immediately knew that he wanted to sing "that kind of music" for the rest of his life. Falling face first into his new-found relationship with Jesus, he began writing with a burning desire to share what God did to turn his life around. Today, Ben lives completely sober, while sharing his story filled with hope, mercy and grace. By turning his testimony into songs, he has been rejuvenated with a new passion and mission; to share his story with the world and all who are ready to listen. We were so blessed to have Ben join us on the podcast, and we are so blessed to have you here as well! We love you, thanks for listening!

Listen here.