Enjoying the Journey Episode 38: Heather Kittelson

We're delighted to share this week’s episode of Enjoying the Journey with you! On today's podcast, we got to sit down with our friend, Heather Kittelson for a sweet IN-PERSON interview! Heather is a wife, mom of four, the Foundation Director for Volunteers Of America, and the Founder/Owner of Redemption Artistry. We're tackling some real world issues today, as Heather shares her story about overcoming abuse and alcoholism, and how God redeemed and saved her life (literally)! These things aren't always easy to bring up with the people around you, but they are things that more of us deal with than we realize, and we're so blessed that Heather is willing to be so transparent about them, as we should all try to be! Transparency creates real relationships, as we should want with each other, and with Jesus, who already sees and loves us for who we are. You are AWESOME, thanks so much for listening!!!