TWO Worship Teams at RiseFest 2022

We're excited to announce the addition of TWO worship teams to this year's line up!

Sunnybrook Worship

The members of the Sunnybrook Community Church worship team are so honored to be back at RiseFest this year! Our dedicated team of staff and volunteers lead worship each week at their home church in Sioux City, Iowa. The opportunity to lead people in worship and prepare people’s hearts to hear God speak and move is something they will never take lately. In its entirety, the Sunnybrook Worship and Production Team is made up of about 60 incredible individuals that rotate and serve in all areas of our ministries, including college ministries, student ministries, kids ministries, and more. Their greatest joy is worshipping with their church family and community, and this will be no different! Leading in worship at RiseFest will be Erin Neldeberg, Nick Paulsen, Amanda Brophy, Blake Meacham and Anthony Anderson; along with their band of Matt Delzell, Tim Horken, Collin Hop, and Tim Poppen.


Dordt Worship

Dordt Worship is an innovative collective committed to bringing Christ-centered and Spirit-empowered worship across a breadth of musical styles. The collective fuses together Dordt University students along with many of the university's key worship faculty and staff, including Dr. Jeremy Perigo and Alex Priore.

Whether leading for Chapel in the BJ Haan, Praise & Worship next to the Grille, on tour at a local church, or at an international conference. they love to combine diverse liturgical approaches with a mixture of musical tastes and unique instrumentation into a unified corporate encounter with God.