More RiseFest 2023 Artist Announcements

We've added Anne Wilson and Ben Fuller to the RiseFest 2023 lineup!

"RiseFest 2023 just keeps getting better and better! Having Ben and Anne join us excites me so much! Ben has become a friend of ours and we love his heart and music. Anne is spiritually wise beyond her years and her voice and the messages in her songs are powerful. We simply couldn’t be more thrilled to add these two amazing artists to the lineup!” -Founder and President Rob Roozeboom.

For a limited time, tickets are on sale for only $43.50 during our Fall Ticket Sale. Get your tickets before the sale ends October 31!

We can’t wait for RiseFest 2023 on June 9-10—featuring We The Kingdom, CAIN, Anne Wilson, and Ben Fuller! Stay tuned for more exciting artist announcements coming soon!