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This week we had up and coming Christian artist, Cade Thompson on Enjoying the Journey.
Rob shares a message that even if God doesn't answer your prayers, he is still there with you.
In our fourth Story of Strength we introduce you to Rob’s sister-in-law, Shelly, and his brother-in-law, Dave.
Listen as we explore how Liz Forkin Bohannen was able to enjoy her journey!
Enjoying the Journey will include great interviews with who have also struggles in their lives, but have learned to "enjoy the journey," and praise God through it all. We're so happy you're joining us!
THANK YOU for buying HOPE LIVES gear!! This morning we, along with KIWA Radio, and Top Notch Stitching got to bless the Upper Des Moines Food Bank and the Sheldon Mobile Food bank with checks for $500 each to put toward their organizations! We got to tour Upper Des Moines and see all the ways they bless people.
Rob was invited to give the Coronation message for the Sheldon Homecoming Court! He touched on their theme "HOME."
Ellie and Parker got to lead worship at Western for Chapel and Rob delivered a message on Zephaniah 3:17 reminding students that God is with them.
In our third Story of Strength, we introduce you to Parker and his family. Parker talked through his story of an eating disorder.
Since we were not able to celebrate RiseFest this year and this would be RiseFest week we wanted to do something extra special!